104年 期刊論文發表

104年 期刊論文發表:

1.  Chen L.X. *, Sun, C. T. (2016). Self-regulation influence on game play flow state. Computers in Human Behavior, 54, 341–350 (SSCI, IF: 2.067, Rank: 30/83 [36%] in Psychology, Experimental)

2. Wang, H., Yang, H.-T. & Sun, C.-T.(2015), "Thinking Style and Team Competition Game Performance and Enjoyment," in Computational Intelligence and AI in Games, IEEE Transactions on , vol.7, no.3, pp.243-254, Sept. 2015

3.Lei, P. L., Sun, C. T., Lin, S. S., & Huang, T. K. (2015). Effect of metacognitive strategies and verbal-imagery cognitive style on biology-based video search and learning performance. Computers & Education, 87, 326-339. (SSCI, IF: 2.775, Rank: 7/219 [3.2%] in Education & Educational Research)

4. Fu, Y. H., Huang, C. Y., & Sun, C. T. (2015). Using global diversity and local topology features to identify influential network spreaders. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 433, 344-355. (SCI, IF: 1.676, Rank: 28/83 [34%] in Physics, Multidisciplinary) 

5. Sun, C. T., Ye, S. H., & Wang, Y. J. (2015). Effects of Commercial Video Games on Cognitive Elaboration of Physical Concepts. Computers & Education, 88, 169–181. (SSCI, IF: 2.775, Rank: 7/219 [3.2%] in Education & Educational Research) 



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